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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Newark
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Date   23/06/2012
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   73  for  10
Opposition   95  for  10
Points   0
Man of Match   * *
Match Report  

At last we got another game and arrived full of energy and promise at Bathley Lane to play Newark R  and Mr 5ths.

The ground was in a lovely setting but maybe had suffered more than most from lack of attention in the past and before Newark took it over last year, the square resembling more of a cabbage patch.

Winning the toss we decided to bowl.

Dan Jones opened one end and struggled to control the swing, such was the moisture coming off the greenest green top in Greenland with Harry Napier supporting at the other end.

The bounce was unpredictable to say the least, with some balls going underground off a length and others pinging up even when bowled full.

Runs were only going to be scored if the ball was put in short and despite the swinging conditions Dan managed to control the score rate by only conceding 11 off 6 overs.

Harry at the other end was doing well but being punished when he forgot the length to bowl but learning how to use his crease and bowl to his field.

On came the second changed bowlers and 'dynamo' Roger Tysoe, coming back after 18 months break,  soon got amongst the wickets getting a 5 for off 5 overs, including a caught and bowled off a full toss that hurried the batsman into a shot.

At the other end James Pritchet bowled, struggling a little with the length to bowl and when doing so, getting pulled across the line, like Harry before him, the bounce being truer at that end for the batsmen than the other, a point to be discovered by several of Fiskerton's batsman later on,.

3rd change brought Paul 'Swanny' Orgill to replace  Roger, and Paul immediately showed  the benefit of line and length (irrespective of speed) to get the batsman swinging impatiently, some even before the ball had pitched and deservedly taking wickets.

Charlie Wand came on at the other end, to take the pace off and again struggled when not bowling a length ball.

In the end Newark were bowled for 95, probably 25 more than we should have let them get, and on that green top it was always going to be  a struggle.

Dan Jones and Rob Turner opened and soon were back in the hutch, Rob early on  not being able to settle off the unpredictable bounce and getting one that kept low, unusually for the end he was batting, and just squeezed through the ‘toe’ of the gate and Dan suffering the same fate at the other end, again beaten by the bounce off a length ball when it went through, not getting higher than 4 inches at any time.

Nothing wrong with technique for either, and they were simply beaten by the ball hitting a bit of broccoli on the pitch.

Charlie Wand came in and did very well, sticking around and riding his luck  with Roger  at the other end trying to move the score along.

Along came a rain cloud and added another 10mm of rain to the row of peas just off the line of off stump, and we were back out there again after a 15 minute harvesting break.

Sadly Roger just mistimed one and was back in the hutch after a nice rapid knock, and deserving more after his lay off.

Harry came and joined his mate Charlie and they looked good together playing nice straight shots to the right balls and trying to move the score along where they could.

The inevitable happened though and Charlie fell to the vagaries of the pitch again.

James P replaced him and tried to stick around but when leaving a ball behind his legs  that was bowled right arm over, seam up, it hit the remains of a carrot, and deviated 4 feet to take his off stump.

James was still asking what the hell had happened as he walked into the changing rooms, thinking that the great Gardener in the Sky had simply blown his bails off.

Paul Orgill came out  and put some calmness about he crowd as he moved the score on and looked comfortable, until Harry was soon out leaving yours truly to accompany Paul at the centre.

Coming off 2 ducks, with the words of Jonesey ringing in my ears ‘if you come back with less than me I will beat you to death’, I decided to apply myself at the crease and played straight for the longest period of my cricketing career.

Sadly 7 balls later I was victim to the variable bounce at the Vegetable Shop end, when an earlier  full length ball had raised to strike my left nipple, and 2 balls later the same ball same line and length went underground to strike my pad (naturally outside the line) to go through and rest against the stumps without dislodging the bails.

Rolling the ball away with my foot, I turned to hear Chris the Newark Captain shout, ‘he’s given you out’ and to see Trigger Turner pointing to the sky. Thinking he was commenting on the lamentable lack of rain on this year’s crop, he came down towards me gently enquiring’ you didn’t hit that one did you?’ to which I replied in the negative, Trigger then gleefully sending me back to  the tool shed, with a shout of ‘you’re out’ {Editor’s note – I was apparently completely and fully in front of all 3, but by that time I was losing the will to rake over the result}.

Paul had to hit out and went quickly afterwards,  Stuart and Paul Black defiantly playing a straight bat to everything that was bowled at that, having worked out that we could win the game on extras if the bowling side obliged, such was the run rate required, until the final blow was dealt, he was bowled   and the game was over.

Hats off to the Newark lads, having out played us in the field  and ploughing their way through out batters to a deserved win.

Lots to learn, including the insertion at Fiskerton of a fully automatic underground irrigation system, and the need to learn to bowl on a line and length to the conditions and bat  to the conditions presented.











Report by   * *
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