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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Beeston & Toton Sycamore
Date   14/07/2012
Location   Home
Result   Lost
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   126  for  10
Opposition   214  for  5
Points   3
Man of Match   Rob Turner
Cpt Calamity   * *
Match Report  

 One of the games which was a return fixture from this league - having been beaten  earlier in the season away I was keen to get revenge so dropped myself and concentrated on the prep for joint caps Dave Hedge and Dan Jones - we looked good in training with run out fielding practice and that almost came good with shy after shy during the opponents innings with Rob Turner getting a direct strike. Some though the game was escaping us.

Dan had taken himself off early struggling to control a swinging ball or bowling too short with Z at the other end swinging from miserly to charitable.

Our left armrest Tysoe and Napier had better luck and we got amongst them but they were swinging the bat - not in a classic style but effective.

We took the pace off the ball with James Pritchett who bowled well getting their big hitter but his stats suffered in the process and Dave Hedge started by forgetting to pitch the ball but assisted with taking a wicket.

Charlie had snuck in and bowled very well and miserly, aginst their top scoere who then promptly feel LBW to a rank long hop, but as they say there are no pictures in scorebaooks.

At the end Dave turned to Rob Turner, who creaked his arms and knocked off the rust to take 2 as well as his run out.

In the meantime they had snuck up to 214 which looked a good total but possibly gettable.

The batting order was sorted and then altered by me, as Dan was not enjoying his captaincy and he had decided to open with Dave. All was going well and Dave was looking in fine form but then fell to an outside edge  which left Dan looking like Atlas with the world on his shoulders as he  felt the burden of captaincy again.

Paul Whitby tried to build with Dan thenwent and  Rob came in, to see Dan go to a good off spinner to not many off a lot of balls.

Roger Tysoe came in and showed he is a No 3 batter and will be there for the rest of the season, with both Turner and Tysoe adding some, but then both falling to  swong of the bat  and  a chase of a run rate looking ever further away.

The middle order then sadly collapsed and the tail didn't wag leaving us a long way of the target.

Lessons should be our extras at 36 with their extras at 12 - a gift of 24 runs and 24 more balls to score runs with.

A game that should have been won or at least a but tighter than it was.



















Hedge brought himself on and immediately struggled to pitch the ball.


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